How to Make a More Energy Efficient Home

It’s is our responsibility to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible so that future generations can enjoy our beautiful planet. It’s also the fiscally responsible decision to do what we can to lower the number of resources we use and the costs to use them. So why wouldn’t you want to make it easier on the planet, and have an energy efficient home?

energy efficient home

Most of the excessive use of resources comes from running appliances unnecessarily or making simple changes to the appliances you use. If your utility bills are higher than they should be, there are several options to lower those costs while making the world a greener place.

Lower your thermostat and get an automatic thermostat

One of the biggest reasons that your utility bills will increase is because your air-conditioned or heated air escapes. Some people keep the air at the same temperature throughout the entire day, but that may not be necessary.

You only need to keep your home cooler or warmer when you’re home. Consider using less air conditioning or heat during the day when everyone is at work and school. Changing your thermostat during the day can save you 5 – 15% on your utility bills every year!

If this seems like a lot of effort, you can buy an automated thermostat that will change the temperature for you every day and change it back, too. Not only can you save on your utility bills, but some states even offer tax deductions for being so economically friendly.

Environmentally- Friendly Windows and Doors

Sure, you can limit the amount you use your air conditioning and heat, but you can also limit the amount of air that escapes in the first place by using environmentally- friendly windows and doors. As windows get older, they will lose their efficiency.

When it’s time to replace them, look for Energy-Star products. One of the best ways to ensure that your windows keep the air from escaping is to use double-paned glass. If it’s time to replace the windows anyway, go the environmentally-friendly route.

You will save money on your utility bills, and you will be more comfortable. Plus, it will help increase the value of your home for people who want to be environmentally responsible and save on their utility bills. You can also seal your windows to add an extra layer of protection.

Replace or Increase Insulation

The insulation in your home is specifically in place to prevent air inside from escaping and hot/ cold air outside from getting inside your house. The insulation in your walls and roof can stop being as effective as they initially were, so consider how long it has been since they were replaced. It may be that time. Fiberglass, cellulose, and foam are all acceptable insulation options.

Change the Lights

CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) have drastically changed the way that people can light their homes.

energy efficient lightbulb

Why would anyone use incandescent light bulbs when CFLs lightbulbs last up to 12 times longer? They also use less energy and with the average home using forty lightbulbs, this can make a significant difference in your electric bill. They may cost slightly more in the beginning, but it’s well worth it. Everyone can and should make this simple change.

Update Your HVAC System

Old or outdated HVAC systems will not be as efficient as they could be. Consider how long you’ve been using the same HVAC system because it might be time for a change. You can have an inspection which will tell you if its time for a new system or not.

Replace Your Roof

Roofs last a long time, but if your roof is leaking or showing physical signs of decay, it may be time to replace it. Ask your roofer about materials made out of recycled materials and which ones will provide the best insulation. This is an extensive job and should only be done if your roof already needs to be replaced or repaired.

Use Less Water

Water is a significant expense for a household, so it’s important to use as little as possible.  Use energy-efficient washers and dishwashers, use low-flow shower heads and toilets, and remember to take a shorter shower and not leave the water running when it’s not necessary.

To show the difference that these small efforts can make, low-flow shower heads only use 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) instead of the typical 5 gpm.  You can also lower your water heater to the “warm” setting to prevent it from using energy while it heats up.  Finally, don’t use the dishwasher or washing machine unless they are full so that you don’t over-utilize them unnecessarily.


When you use recycled materials and recycle materials in your home, you are reusing items that would otherwise end up in a landfill when they could be reused. Many building materials are not made from recyclable materials, and you can make the effort to recycle your own personal garbage at home.

Utilize natural light and good weather

One simple way to lower your utility bills is to turn the lights and the air conditioning off and let nature work. Open the windows for light and better smelling, fresh air. If you’re more worried about sunlight and the heat it brings, plant trees in front of the windows to provide extra shade or buy energy-efficient blinds.

Get everyone on board

These changes aren’t going to be made without the support from everyone in your home. Tell people in your home about the changes you want to make and why you want to make them. Get everyone on board so that everyone can help with the cause. If you get your loved ones involved, they may even take the values with them when they have their own home.

You don’t have to be an eco-warrior to help the cause with simple changes in your home. Look at what options make the most sense to you and utilize them when appropriate. Also, evaluate which changes will help you the most financially.

If you need some additional ideas or a professional evaluation, many companies will send someone to tell you which changes will help the most. The world is evolving to be greener and you can, too!

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