Benefits of Steel Entry Doors

Choosing the material for an entry door to a home is often an overlooked decision. An entry door seems like a small feature, but really ties the look of a home together. The type of material you select for an entry door will translate into its longevity, durability, security and aesthetics.

benefits of steel entry doors

Any feature of a home that has the ability to open up directly to the outside is suspect for vulnerability. Windows and doors should be selected so that intruders cannot access the inside of your home – they’re the last line of defense, and so the material should be sturdy and impenetrable. Steel is one of the strongest materials an entry door can be made of and has numerous benefits.

Saving Money Through Energy Efficiency

A steel door’s interior is comprised of foam that’s designed to insulate the home. This polyurethane foam pads the door against the outside elements, making a steel door without a window five times more energy efficient than a wooden door.

Polyurethane is designed to help prevent heat transfer, which keeps your home cool or warm depending on the season.

Modern steel doors often come with a magnetic seal that acts as a method of weatherstripping in order to seal air. Magnetic seals used on doors are one of the most effective ways to save energy.

Durability and Strength

Steel, being one of the most durable materials available, is designed to withstand anything thrown its way. Since steel is resistant and durable, you don’t have to worry about potential dents or scratches from a newspaper or a football being chucked against it.

Modern steel doors are commonly produced from 20-26-gauge steel and are made to be long lasting. Steel is designed to resist rotting, unlike wood, and is also made to withstand cracking, warping, fading and the effects of harsh weather.

Wood tends to absorb the moisture, causing the door to bow and warp, whereas a steel door doesn’t have a porous surface and can resist water and humidity.

Little to No Maintenance

Unlike its wood counterpart, steel doesn’t require any upkeep to maintain functionality and looks. Wood doesn’t stand up well against temperamental weather conditions, usually rotting or warping and requiring occasional adjustments or fixing to keep them working properly.

Wooden doors often require a fresh coat of paint to keep them looking nice. For steel, your door already colorized and will never need another coat. Steel entry doors are available in a multitude of different colors.

This not only saves time, but also the money you would need for a wood door on exterior paint. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about a steel door’s color fading in the sun.

Steel Doors Generate Massive Curb Appeal

steel entry door benefits

It may sound superficial, but steel doors have more curb appeal than the other options on the market. Curb appeal can go a long way when you’re looking to sell your home.

In fact, a 2016 study reported that for homeowners who replaced their entry doors with steel saw a massive 91% return on their investment.

The best part about steel doors is that if you wanted the look of a wooden entry door, it’s entirely possible to achieve this with a steel door. You can enjoy the wood grain look without having all of the disadvantageous of natural wood.

Security Goes Hand-in-Hand With Durability

Dissuading potential burglars is easy to do with the strength of a secure steel door. Invaders look for doors that aren’t taxing to break through, something they can simply kick open with brute force. A steel door stops home invaders in their tracks, literally.

They’re designed to have heavy duty, tamper resistant deadbolt locks. The most secure steel door is one with matching steel frame, further inhibiting anyone trying to break into your home. For added security, ensure that the deadbolt has a strike plate and that the steel door has a solid core of a minimum 1.75”.

Many businesses will opt for a steel door for additional security. Business owners want to be able to lock up at night and not have to worry about the front door to their store being kicked in when they arrive in the morning.

Steel doors are not only appropriate and secure for both businesses and residential homes, but also a fashionable choice. Their simple, sleek look is so popular, it’s hard not to drive through a neighborhood and not spot a steel entry door on almost every home you pass.

Versatility in Features

Steel entry doors are incredibly versatile and can come with many additional features. Steel doors can be fire-rated, for example, a 20-gauge steel door can allow for a 20-minute protection against a fire. Along with the ability to be produced as a fire-rated door, steel entry doors can also be bulletproofed and treated to be chemically resistant.

This is excellent for businesses that need to meet fire codes or industrial buildings that work with or around certain potentially dangerous chemicals. Businesses want nothing more than to keep patrons safe and maintain a positive reputation (and to avoid fines and penalties), and along with the guaranteed security of a steel entry door, these features are an added bonus.

Steel Entry Doors are the Superior Choice

When you’re faced with having to replace your entry door, steel is the supreme choice of material every time. Appropriate for both industrial, business, and residential, steel entry doors offer security while maintaining a fashionable, sleek look. Steel doors are able to support the use of heavy-duty locks. Criminals are deterred from breaking through steel doors because of this, protecting your home or business from break-ins.

Steel is much more durable than the other alternatives, resisting adverse weather conditions and its effects, such as bowing, rotting, maintaining moisture and denting. This makes a steel entry door last much longer and without the need of constant maintenance and repair.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of a steel door is the fact that it’ll save you money almost immediately. Its inner filling of polyurethane foam insulates your home, cutting down the cost of those energy bills, while the traditional weatherstripping will help maintain a good seal, keeping that energy inside. A steel door keeps your home cool in the summer while keeping the heat in during the winter, plus with the added advantage of increasing the value of your home, you can’t go wrong.

With durability, strength, longevity and return on your initial investment, a steel entry door beats out the alternative materials. This material typically comes already colored with whatever features you have selected, so after installation, there’s no other set up required. Start saving money and protecting your home today by investing in a steel door for your entryway.

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